Christmas in New York

by Chris Devonshire-Ellis

December 28th, 2009

Has to be at the Algonquin, where the hotel has a resident , prize winning cat named Matilda. It’s a major attraction in managing to keep a jetlagged 13 year old quiet for a while. Last minute shopping was conducted on 5th Avenue of course, with Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and Juicy Couture all successfully raided. The picture is a way too early Christmas morning in the hotel lounge with a huge assorted wrapping bonanza, a special bright red Christmas bow tie lovingly given to me by the family dog, Charles, and various left overs from Christmas stockings (Santa was generous; everything from models of New York taxis to Chanel’s new Cuir de Russie fragrance, tins of Obama candies and Lady Gaga remix CD’s amongst much, much more…) For presents, I was given two rare out of print books, one a compendium of Dorothy Parker stories (she used to stay at the Algonquin) and the other a 1920’s biography of Nijinsky (see previous thread about Les Ballets Russe).

Last night was jazz at the Oak Room, a cabaret dinner with the diva Angela Marcovicci performing the songs of Johnny Mercer (“One for my baby, one more for the road” etc), the evening before the African rhythms of the amazing Lion King and tonight, The Tales of Hoffmann with Anna Netrebko at the New York Metropolitan Opera House. Monday off to San Francisco for a week where I shall go second hand rare CD and book hunting. The city apparently has the highest literary rate in the United States, and also the most drunks. I may feel quite at home. Happy Christmas to all my friends who read this blog !