When I Was A Rock Star – Clutch Thorn & The Tiananmen Squares

by Chris Devonshire-Ellis

April 20th, 2015

imageClutch Thorn (think “Axl Rose”) & The Tiananmen Squares were an air guitar heavy metal group who went on tour in Shanghai in September 2000. We hyped the city up with stickers, t-shirts and posters advertising a one-off evening of “concerts” around various bars and clubs around Shanghai, got dressed up in these absurd outfits, and accompanied by the gorgeous, pouting Tiananmen Squarettes….went out to party!


We “played” about ten clubs that evening, attracting a whole bunch of groupies and hangers on – it was great fun. We encouraged people to donate money to the Children in Need charity, then called it a day – after that one night – while we were still at the top. We got up on bars and air guitared along to “I Love Rock’n’Roll” and my favourite, “We Want Fun” by Andrew W.K the video of which

was played while we rocked out and performed on the bar. It was a riot, places went insane. I just found the photos, so here for posterity they appear online for the first time.




Being a Rock Star, I found, albeit just for one night, was rather a lot of fun…