Useful Links
Details of my Barony, which was established under Royal Charter in 1511. I am the 19th Baron Coigach. This website details the history and contains photos and maps of the area, which is in North-West Scotland, looking over to the Isle of Skye and the Hebrides as well as our own Summer Isles.
The industrial history of the Devonshire Ellis family, who owned the John Brown Shipyards in Clydebank. The family built some of the greatest, largest and fastest Cruise Liners and Battleships ever, including RMS Queen Mary, RMS Queen Elizabeth, SS Luistania and military Giants such as HMS Hood as well as the Royal Yacht Britannia.
Details of my most recent book about China’s New Economic Silk Road, currently a best seller and published in 2015.
Details of my popular 2007 book outlining how I established and built a successful business in China. Contains many tips and experience useful for today’s China entrepreneurs, start ups and new to China businesses. Complete with complimentary download.
A collection of stories, anecdotes, travel, traditional and contemporary Chinese culture as seen through the eyes of expatriates. Great stories about China and what it’s like to live there. Complimentary download.
The travel guide to Mongolia I wrote in 2006. Contains details of one day to seven day treks, stories about Shamens, Fishing and the Nomads, as well as a full colour section on Mongolia’s Wild Life, Birds and Flowers. Complimentary download.