Kings Cup 2009 – Sea Trials Day One

by Chris Devonshire-Ellis

November 30th, 2009

Following a fairly lengthy adminsitration half day in finalising our registration for the event, confirming crew, showing insurance and other such stuff, we managed to get a three hours sail out today. Five of the six crew have arrived, and most of the time was spent calibrating sheets and ropes for the spinnaker and main sail, and asigning positions and responsibilities for crew. Practicing getting the spinnaker up was an utter disaster "Does anyone on this boat know what the f*cking mainsheet halyard is?" but that’s just part of bedding in crew. The winds have been light, but that actually suits us, we’re a smaller yacht than some in our class, and a light wind will mean we can be more proactive than the heavier craft which weigh more. At one point we were getting 2 knots out of a 2 knot breeze, so that’s very efficient! 


Its bloody hot out there though at 2pm and we got through two liters of water each in three hours. We’ve stripped a lot of the weight out but we’re going to have to rethink and add more water bottles just to survive – the races will be at least seven hours each. The mainsheet looks great with the China Briefing logo all over it, and provided we don’t get handicapped too much we should be ok, although our resident That boat boy looked a bot distracted this afternoon. Its a dry week from today, so all crew are off the alcohol. Hot weather, hangovers and yacht racing don’t mix and I just know that some of the expat skippers will be looking for their missing crew passed out on Kata Beach each morning – the races start at 7:30am. So early to bed for us. The photo is me (right, in hat) and Rob Williams at the stern, while two of the crew splice some ropes. Should get more practice in tomorrow after I’ve been to the Skippers briefing to confirm courses, start times and any changes. "Shanghai Baby" a vessel filled with expats from Shanghai is here and I dearly want to give them a good pasting.